Align with the Moon: create a personal Journal
that celebrates your life
and makes your Soul thrive.

How would you feel if your Soul, your mind/heart and your body were completely aligned with the bigger picture? You know who you are , on a deep level. You know where you stand, and where you are going. Your intuition is strong and accurate, and serves you well in your daily life. You feel safe. Calm. Committed. Flow and profit are abundant!

Wow…. And somewhere deep down you know it is possible, right? All you need is some guidance, a bit of help. I see your blind spots, I show you how to navigate differently. So you can stop struggling and start thriving. If you want my help with this, do read on. I have a wonderful offer for you. That will help you align, be aware, and know how to navigate your worlds. That will teach you to manifest your dreams strong and lasting in this world. Just keep reading!

My struggle

For years, DECADES! I had strict walls between all the different parts of my life! That went quite far: if I bumped into a literary companion while playing my corporate role, chances were that it took me some time to reckognise that person, and to know the answer to a simple question. My life was completely compartimented. I had to actively step out of one box and step into the next.

Did that work for me? Well, it did, in a way. I functioned. But at what costs! It causes a lot of unrest, anxiety and it costs huge amounts of energy to keep up all those boxes. You have to constantly step in and out of those boxes. I knew I was an extreme compartimenter, and I also realised that that meant that I could be forgetting about something crucial in some other box that was dorment at that moment…

Wow, even while just writing this, I feel my anxiety levels rising significantly. You probably feel that too, only by reading about it! And maybe you reckognise it too.

While I might have been a bad case, I was not the only one trying to survive by boxing. Far from it. It is a highly accepted, even stimulated way of dealing with life. And it’s not healthy!

It is an issue that costs our society a lot. We are all dividing our body mind and soul, and all the different things that we do. And that is not how we thrive! Our body mind and soul are connected, they serve each other! Even though we pretend it’s possible, our professional life influences our private life and vice versa!

It lead me to a burnout. And to significant money issues.

It took me a lot of work, deep diving and healing to feel safe enough to get truly connected to myself, all around me and the Moon and Universe. To be aware of all there is, and not just the compartement of my existence that I am currently active in.

And now it is my mission to help others to get out of this boxing and into connection again. To become totally aligned. When you are aware of the place of you, your body mind and soul in the whole of the Universe, life becomes so much easier to deal with.

My offer to you

1 plan
13 Moons
26 Dark Moon and Full Moon guided meditations.
13 Live Zoom calls to connect and Q&A
Each Moon recipes, rituals and crafting suggestions.

That is all you need to strengthen your intuition, and nourish your body, mind and soul from the inside out! This, and the discipline to slow down on a regular basis, allow your hands to get creative and let your mind wander about.

You create as many pages as you feel your personal Journal needs.
And you use the technique(s) that suit you and your goals best.
No experience needed, just the courage to dive deep and the dare to change your point of view.

Each Moon you receive an email with information on that particular Moon and Month. I suggest themes to work on, share recipes that help you explore and align.
With those mails I teach you how to work with the Moon, and to align your body, mind and soul to the Moon and the Universe.

You’ll travel your past to change your future, and experience how to navigate the energies of the Moon and the Stars.

Do you want to receive such mails and be part of a small group of likeminded peers?

€ 333,=

This is a great offer, right? It is a beautiful program.
The way it is build up, the ingredients. My voice, that bridge to other realms as I’ve been told on many occasions, will bring you a lot.
But this program does not use my other strongpoint: my laser focus when talking to you in person. I see beyond what you say, and see. I grasp the true meaning of what you are looking for. I bring to your attention what you need to be more aware of, and I give you new insights and points of view.

That is why it is possible to combine this online yearprogram with a more exclusive, 1:1 coaching. I am very good in noticing blind spots, and in finding the words to acknowledge and resolve them. As a massage therapist, cognitive behavioral therapist and life coach with decades of training and experience in the Western Mysteries, I have a lot of expertise and insight to offer you to teach you how to solve or learn to deal with longstanding patterns on all levels. And where I don’t know what to do next, I know who in my vast network can help you.

It is extremely valuable to combine thorough insight in the Mooncycle, with a more indepth individual evaluation and transformation. This gives you the exact tools, insights and indicators that you need to raise your personal live to a significant higher level. If you really dare to dive deep, I’d strongly advice you to go for this golden combination of online resources with a personal approach.

Do you want those mails, plus personal 1:1 guidance and coaching via Zoom (meditation, tarot and channeling included!) from me, 7x?

€ 1234,=

I understand completely if you don’t take my words for granted. You want proof, and results! Here are some testimonies from people that I worked with in the past: