When you start working with the rhythm of the Moon and expanding and strengthening your intuition, only reading an ebook is not enough. It is not about knowing some facts, no, you shift your mindset and perspective.

If you want to (re)connect head heart and gut, you and all around you, and get your plans and earthly manifestations aligned with the greater good – do read on! I am your go-to woman.

You need to train your spiritual muscle, to make your manifestations here on Earth much more powerful and lasting. One way to work on that, is by listening to my meditations on a regular basis. They are designed in such a way, that you will be able to continue independently on your personal spiritual path.

When you decide to click on the buy button, you receive:

* my heart’s garden meditation (30 minutes),
* my meditation that explores the elements Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, to nourish your Spirit. (45 minutes in total)
* my journey through the phases of the Moon. (30 minutes)

This means that you will get almost 2 hours of beautiful, highly effective and connected meditations!

Each meditation comes with specific and personal questions, that make you align your personal needs with the cosmic and Lunar energies. These questions are delivered in an ebook, with ample room for your personal notes and insights. By doing both the meditations, and answering the questions in handwriting, you will activate and connect both your rational, your mental and your emotional brain parts.

This program is worth € 197,-. But I really want to make sure that it is available for everybody who feels the urge to start working with the Moon. Because our world desperately needs more calm, more love, and more healing! That is why you can get it now for the no-brainer prize of 47,50 ex VAT.

Yes I want to start!