If you tell me your dreams and your plans, I can tell you exactly how each Moon will affect you and the way your dreams and plans will unfold. What will be the best time to go out there to get or to build what’s yours. When is the best time to launch a new product or business! And when is the best time to be still, turn inwards. To recharge and nurture. To feel what new seedlings are awaiting their growing time.

In one hour, I will give you a highly effective and insightful roadmap for the year ahead. Because you can visionboard what you want, and dream up as many great ideas as you will. But without a proper planning and roadmap, those will not give strong and lasting results!

Your unique Soul Seed Sentence shows the essence of who you are, and how you operate at your best in this world. When I tell you your Soul Seed Sentence, we go deep in where you sabotage yourself, and how to stop doing just that.

From now on, your ultimate dream goal will be the starting point of your actions. It will be prioritized, and you will understand why! The roadmap that we compose will lead you step by step closer to the manifestation of that ultimate dream goal.

Have you ever heard of the TIDAL FORCE? I just love it. The Moon rules the tides. It causes the Earth, and specially the water on it, to bulge out on the side closest to, and farthest from the Moon. Those bulges of water are the high tides in seas and oceans. The Earth expands, and tucks in, over and over again. Reacting to this constant pulling and letting go. Like a gigantic breathing belly… Now that is a powerful image and reality, right?!

A large part of our human bodies consists of water. Over 60%!
Now it makes sense right, that the Moon affects us!
The Moon causes the Earth to breathe, the Moon is like the heart of the Earth.

You are a human being – you are made out of water for more than 60%.
You are born unique: nobody else was born on exact the same time, in exact the same place, in exact the same circumstances as you. Nobody and nothing else had the exact same influx of energies as you had when you took your first breath!

I invite you to get more aware of who you are and how you operate best.
Get your unique and personal Soul Seed Sentence plus Moon Roadmap.

In this session, we can get so much clarity! We meet online, via a private Zoom-‘room’. You can do the work with me from the comfort of your personal space! Without the need to add time to travel.
Once you’ve paid, we schedule your Soul Seed Sentence Session.

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