5-days of strengthening our intuition and immunity.
Starting Monday March 23rd 2020

We are not above nature, we are part of it.

My ‘Keep calm and breathe’ 5-day challenge is a very powerful and effective strategy to strengthen your immunity, to remain calm in the eye of any storm, and to keep going no matter the circumstances. Breathing techniques, guided meditations, tips on nourishment and mindset that will help you through this Corona crisis. It’s free. I give you tools that will benefit you for the rest of your life, both in your personal life, at work or in your business. It starts next Monday, March 23rd. Come and join my private Facebook group!

Keep calm and breathe to reconnect

Live on earth is about co-existing, giving and taking, breathing in and breathing out, expanding and confinement. Live on earth is about balance between pulling and pushing, acting and reacting, receiving and reaching out.

We forgot all that. We allowed the balance slide far too much into one direction. We stopped noticing that there are other ways of communicating, other forms of intelligence, other priorities than just ours. We stopped giving back where we were taking. And now nature is pushing us back. Hard.

These are stressful times. Starting Monday March 23rd, I give you the tools to deal with it. To stay calm, grounded and For free. KEEP CALM AND BREATHE!

All my work so far, my expertise and what I studied is about stress. Understanding it, how to deal with it, being resourceful in tackling it, strengthening your immunity by training your intuition. These skills, this wisdom is made for times like these. You can’t control what comes at you, but it is up to you how you react! Easy to say and live by in safe and wealthy times. When you can do that in challenging times, you enhance your chances significantly. When you stay calm in the eye of a storm, you can be of great value to others, and make a wonderful impact.

Striving for safety doesn’t cut it anymore, we need to be resilient.

We need to turn inwards to have a lasting and strong outer impact.

We need to be grounded to make big dreams come true.

We need to reconnect with our inner realms to make our outer world healthy again.
In body, mind and spirit.

I am Mirjam the Moonlady. I help women to align with the rhythms of the Moon, to bring flow and profit into their lives and business. I deliver Soul Seed Sentences, and based on that core of your being, we create a plan to get past your blockages and manifest your dream calling. In the past I worked in corporate, and for almost 20 years I had a business as massage therapist. I have a lifelong fascination with myth and mystic. I love to dwell with my head in the clouds, but make sure my feet are firmly grounded. My intuition mirrors your true calling, and the blocks that keep you distracted.

Every day of the 5-day challenge, you receive the following:
* one exercise that is easy to implement,
* one short meditation that strengthens your direction and mindset,
* one nourishment tip.

Keep calm and breathe” starts next Monday, March 23rd.
Together we will rise out of the current problems, and be better for it.
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