Do you snore? Keep reading, it might save your life.
Our ability to breathe has deteriorated over the ages – our cavemen ancestors did not snore.

Currently I am reading ‘Breath’ by James Nestor. It tells the story of the evolution of our breathing, and documents his research and personal experience with different breathing techniques. How we breathe has significant influence on our health. It influences not only our fitness, it also changes our appearance.

As a child, I did not breathe correctly: I only used my shoulders, which means that I only used a quarter of my lung capacity. This had to do with my need not to feel certain things, and my wish to take as little space as possible. (Stress and trauma change the way we breathe, the depth and fullness of it – that forms an important part of the curriculum of my Soul Seed Sessions.)

Much later I learned to breathe properly, and the difference was huge! How I felt, what I felt, my fitness levels… As a child I was pale and easily fainted. Those features were gone once I started breathing to the fullness of my abilities.

Breathing through your nose stops dust, viruses and bacteria from entering your body, and it heats and moistens the air which makes it easier to absorp.

Mouthbreathing causes dry mouth, plaque, inflammations, allergies, lack of sleep – and it dehydrates you: it causes the body to lose 40% more water. Reason why you’ll need to use the toilet more, because you don’t get enough deep sleep, the body state in which the pituary gland commands the cells in your body to store water so you can rest undisturbed. Your cells and kidneys will keep releasing water and filling your bladder.

Mouthbreathing weakens your face, mouth, throat and airways. The air enters your body unfiltered.

Nosebreathing tones them and makes them stronger.

Snoring is one of the early warning signs of the detoriation of your respiratory system.

Mouthbreathing is at the root of many chronic ailments.
As is nosebreathing at the root of the almost immediate improvement of our health and fitness!

Optimizing our breathing is one of the most powerful and cheapest ways that we can influence our health, for the better by breathing through our nose, and for the worse by breathing through our mouth. The choice is yours.

When you are a mouthbreather wanting to change that habit: you could try it by yourself.
It might, however, be a good idea to go to some yoga or tai-chi lessons, to integrate your breathing with your movements and become slowly aware of the workings of your body, your breathing included. That will not only benefit you, it affects your surroundings too. Or, as James Nestor puts it so eloquently:

“Everything you or I or any other breathing thing has ever put in its mouth, or in its nose, or soaked in through its skin, is hand-me-down space dust that’s been around for 13.8 billion years. This wayward matter has been split apart by sunlight, spread throughout the universe, and come back again. To breathe is to absorb ourselves in what surrounds us, to take in little bits of life, understand them, and give pieces of ourselves back out. Respirations is, at its core, reciprocation.”

I give you clarity when in doubt. Help you find the vision, the words and the steps you have to take. Shed Moonlight on the pearls that you are meant to bring into this world. You will feel truly heard and seen.

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