Wouldn’t you love to live a life full of joy, in which you experience an abundance in time, money and love? You probably know what you want, and even what you need to do to get there. But somehow, you keep sabotaging yourself. In a way you are quite succesfull. But why does it not feel like that? I invite you to strengthen your intuition, and to connect to yourself, the people and world around you, and the Moon. This opens up the gates of growth, joy and abundance.

You reckognize the following?

It just is TOO MUCH to change your WHOLE LIFE in one go! There are reasons why things are not functioning according to your ideal dreams. And you need to investigate, honour and transform those reasons, if you really want to change your ways. Yes that is hard work. It takes TIME and COURAGE. And HELP is of enormous value. There will be plenty of moments that youou need to be remembered why you started this process.

You need to engrave new neurological pathways in your brain!

This rings true for changing draining habits into nourishing ones, starting or upgrading your business, changing family dynamics – all big changes in life are perfectly managable if you cut them up in bitesize chunks, that you implement one by one, over the course of a year.

Your brain is constantly reorganizing itself according to the things you do.
* What you think, say, eat.
* Who you hang out with.
* How you spend your time.

This phenomenon is called ‘neuroplasticity’.
And it continues throughout your life!
It is never too late or too soon to change your habits.

Every month, I accept 4 new clients that I work 9 months with.

  • You start out with my breathing meditation program.
  • I teach you how to work with the phases of the Moon.
  • You make your personal Book of Life.
  • We make a unique Moon Roadmap, you personal practical and step-by-step plan that you will start to unroll in the following months.

The exercises that I teach you and the wisdom that I share with you will serve you for the rest of your life, and they will also benefit your loved ones and clients! (Many of the women that work with me, are coach, therapist, teacher, nurse or otherwise working with and caring for people.)

I’ve worked with clients in their seventies and eighties, that used coaching to re-evaluate their long lives. They made peace with past difficulties and injustices, and they broadened their perspectives on people and situations. This looking back gave them peace of mind, it resolved regrets and hurts that still lingered in the back of their minds. It gave them the opportunity to feel they lived a life full of purpose, that they would not die in vain.

Neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment. For neurons to form beneficial new connections, they must be correctly stimulated.

And I show you how to steer your neuroplastic wirings into the right direction.

The sooner you turn inwards and start connecting to your intuition, the sooner your live will be full of flow, it wil be lived in vibrant joy, and you can let go of a LOT of luggage, most of which isn’t even yours to start with! Stop wasting time on regrets and fears that you inherited or concluded wrongly from what you saw and experienced when much younger. Start sculpting yourself, your mindset and your future!

The MOON can be of PERFECT HELP!
How? You ask? It is quite simple, really. Exactly that simplicity is what is makes so hard to do it alone. Everytime the best, and therefore easiest solution for your challenge pops up, your ego and brain keep telling you ‘this is too easy! Give me back control! This won’t work!’ I can tell you from personal experience, that that is not true. Like at all.

Let me explain a little.
There are thirteen Moons in one year.
Each Moon has the same phases of seeding, growth, celebration and letting go. Combined with the particularities of the season of each Moon, and the connection to the stars and the bigger picture, this gives you a powerful yet easy personalised schedule to implement your plans in 13 Moons, aka one year!

When you work with the Moon, you get clarity on your Soul Dream, the reason you are born on this Earth. You start dancing with the Moon, so you become more aware of your personal rhythms, and also of the rhythms of all and everybody around you. And by doing all this, you will get the tools and techniques to come closer to your Soul Dream on a daily basis. One step at a time.

When you decide to work with me, all my skills, experiences and insights are at your service. My knowledge of the body and the interaction with the emotions, mind and soul that I gained from 20 years as a massage therapist and reflexologist. My knowledge of neuroplasticity, what stress does to your nervous and hormonal systems, the power of storytelling, mythology and the magic of the imagination… All this and more is available when you need it!


Each month, 4 new clients get the opportunity to work with me in my 9 month program.
Are you an ambitious woman, that feels like you need to get out of your rational cage?
You are succesful, but you know there is so much more potential hidden inside. Besides your head, there is a whole body and heart filled with wisdom and inner realms at your disposal. Do you dare to step into your completeness and experience your full potential as often as you should?How often do you really listen, and understand, what these treasures inside and around you are telling you? I bet it is not nearly enough…

We live in exciting times, and witness the rise of the feminine powers, that were in hiding for a long, long time. The suffocating shackles of patriarchy are being shed. And we, both women and men, have the wondrous opportunity to explore and give voice and body to both ancient and new ways of expressing, cooperation and living.

The tools and techniques that I teach you, are an asset that will help you for the rest of your life. These keep you centered and grounded. You learn how to work with energy, specially how to cleanse and replenish it. You will be so much better at keeping on the track of your choosing, and staying focussed!

1. Keep calm and breathe

One month of exercises and meditations to improve your breathing, which will result in you being less bothered by stress, enjoying a more vital body! Breathing consciously is THE way to improve your health, your awareness and your personal growth. These exercises you will continue during the program, and long after that. They are so powerful…

Breathing is totally and everywhere available, there are no costs attached, we all do it. And yet, breathing properly is one of the hardest things to do. Because it is directly connected to or even responsible for your stress levels, your nervous system, the nourishment of your body, changing your breathing patterns can bring you on the verge of breakdown, even fear of dying.

I know, I’ve been there. Due to childhood trauma, I had a very shallow breathing pattern. Deepening that, made me aware, feel and notice all the things that I did not want, could not be aware of. That was my mode of survival!

To this day, I am grateful for the loving help I received from several therapists and teachers, that guided me gently and patiently through my darkests fears, depression and anxiety. They kept reminding me that the surfacing of old fears did not threaten my life, but rather is an opportunity to learn the lesson they embody. Stop hiding them, that costs you enormous amounts of energy (and it does not work, really, anyways…). Instead, transform them into healthy parts of your personality. Let your past nourish you instead of draining your energies!

In this course, I explain how the breathing system works, and what happens when you start changing your breathing patterns. My guided meditations are a safe and tested way to become stronger, more focused and nourished. You connect on a deeper level, first with yourself, your inner realms, and also with all around you.

This really is a wonderful way to get strong roots and create more space inside and out. Of course, you get lifetime access to the meditations and other content.

2. Phoenix rising:
create your personal Book of Life

Repetitive movements bring you into a trancelike state. They slow you down, and it gives your rational brain just enough to do to focus, and it gives your creative brain ample room to contemplate.

Humans are made to create, with their hands. It gives us pleasure and contentment, it gives us things that improve our lives, it helps us pass the time in a healthy and joyful way. Watching telly makes you feel like a zombie, crafting makes you feel alive!

So. Whether it is embroidering, gardening, knitting, painting or baking cakes you prefer – even cleaning the bathroom or washing the car, does the trick for some of us.

In 2018 and 2019, I was part of an extraordinary group of women that used stitching as a way of raising awareness, healing wounds and creating wonderful art. While doing my stitches, almost by accident I stumbled upon a very powerful way of integrating the soul, reconnecting and widening perspectives: I created my personal Book of Life. And I integrated this unique way of working in my teachings.

While getting acquanted with consciously breathing and working with the phases of the Moon, you will explore different options to create your own Book of Life. A healing and beautiful work of creation will, I assure you, come out of your hands. You don’t need any experience with the creation of art, all you need to do is: allowing your inner Creatrix to rise. You will be proud of the result, but it is the process that all this is really about.

3. Blame it on the Moon

I teach you how to get to know your personal rhythms by dancing with the Moon. Each Moonth, you’ll receive an update on the specifics of the Moon of that season. Thereby, your personal life will align with seasonal and cosmic tendencies. If you work with this in the right way, it is a very powerful tool for planning and action!

I share with you all sorts of Moon mythology, lore and practical implementations. And I will invite you to explore those magical realms yourself.
I help you experience and feel the connection between astronomy, astrology and your daily life. We make a practical plan to both connect with the cosmic energies, and implement their wisdom in your daily life.

4. (Re) connect to your intuition

Cosmic connection: weaving your inner realms, your Lunar path and the elements.

As above, so below… This ancient wisdom still holds true, more than many of us realise. Everything is energy; this means that you only have to change your personal energy to change your circumstances! That sounds easy, right? And, in a way, it is! Still, it can be pretty hard to change habits, or build a business, or come to terms with hardships from the past or present.

Because, all you do has a pay-off for you. Even the stuff you don’t like about yourself or how you live. You might think deep down inside, that you have to behave a certain way, or else your family will fall apart. Or you think you have to do certain things to become a succesful entrepeneur. To change your energy, you need to change your mindset, your belief system, the way you structure your life.

When you try to change this all in one go, it usually doesn’t last long. Your systems just can’t deal with so much stress, and they shut down or resist! But when you work with one thing and take small steps at a time, your systems can handle it and work along to get used to your new habits or point of view. So, keep your act together and constrain yourself. One step that lasts is more powerful than ten steps you did not keep up for a longer period of time. So be patient! And get to the bottom of each and every step you implement. Why did you not change previously? What spell kept you in your old behaviour? What benefits did you get from it, and where will change lead you?

Nine months of working with me, in alignment with the phases of the Moon, the Earthly seasons and your personal agenda. We set out a tailor made plan, and I will be your guardian and guide during a whole year, while you implement, let go and build up according to your plan. First we clear up what your Soul Dream is, and what wounds you need to tend to. Then we make a practical plan to start working on creating, healing and manifesting. All in alignment with your personal imprint, needs and desires!

Who am I to teach you this?

For decades, I worked in the corporate world, serving other people’s dreams in law firms and international consultancy. Almost twenty years ago, I decided to change my life’s course drastically, and I became a massage therapist. More and more I coached people to actually prevent their issues, and dissolve the root of their problem instead of soothing symptoms. Also, I started to gradually integrate in my business all that I learned in my personal adventures in personal development, mysticism and magic. There are many teachers, coaches and wise people whose words, lessons and charisma I am deeply thankful for.

And now, I am at a point in my life that I feel it is time to open up completely. No more secrecy, no more hiding, no more excuses. I share all experiences, tools and wisdom that were passed on to me, whenever appropriate and asked for or needed.

What makes me unique, is the combination of thorough knowledge of human biology and pathology, and spiritual and cosmic wisdom. When you work with me, we engage in a conversation – with you, with me, and with all around us. With truly clarifying results, if you dare to take the plunge.

So, what do you get? A re-cap.

  • Nine months of improving your breathing, reconnecting with your intuition, creating a wonderful Book of Life, and working focussed and constructive on your personal goals.
  • Every New Moon you receive my Moon Journal: an inspired update on the Moonlore that is relevant for the time of year, and the upcoming Lunar calendar.
  • Each Full Moon I create a meditation that will help you align with the cosmic circumstances.
  • In my private Facebookgroup, you can connect to likeminded people. This is also the place where I celebrate each Full Moon, and where I hold regular Q&A’s and other Facebook Live sessions that I feel need to be heard and explored.

And what are the costs?
All this for € 1500,- including VAT!
A no-brainer, if you ask me.

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What are you waiting for? Let’s get connected!

If my writing strikes a cord with you, contact me via mail: mirjam@mirjamvanderzee.nl

We schedule a video call to see if we are a good match.
If both you and me feel that we are indeed a match, that you feel heard and I feel I can help you, we schedule our appointments and start working together.