What can you do to fight #COVID19? Wash your hands with soap, 20 secs per session. Do this several times a day. Before each meal, after every toilet visit, before you go to bed. And for those moments soap and water are not readily available, use a disinfectant. There are alcohol-based versions that you can buy in stores, and there is the age-old 4-thieves oil blend!

Why soap?

“Soap is almost like a demolition team breaking down a building and taking all the bricks away” says Palli Thordarson, chemistry professor at the University of New South Wales. COVID19 is a self-assembled nanoparticle, held together by a lipid (fatty) membrane. Soap dissolves the fat membrane, and the virus falls apart and becomes inactive. Voilá! Any soap will do. Alcohol-based disinfectants work too, but not as effective as a good old bar of soap.

So, wash your hands properly and often, and KILL that MF! 😉

When disinfectants?

For those moments that we cannot wash our hands, disinfectants are our go-to product. Easy to carry with you, and perfect in public transport, or any place where we are direct and indirect in contact with many people. Use them to cleanse your hands.

4-thieves oil

In the 15th century, Europe and Asia were hit by the bubonic plague. Millions of people lost their lives. Four perfume and spice merchants lost their livelihoods during this time, and they started robbing the deceased. Those bodies were highly contagious, but the thieves did not get the plague. When they were caught, and sentenced to be burned at the stake, the judge said he would soften their sentence if they would tell him their secret. They wore hats and masks and applied a special mixture of oils and spices on their bodies and clothes. The judge kept his promise, and the thieves were strangled instead of burned alive.

4-thieves oil: anti-microbial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, antiviral.

The recipe of 4-thieves oil is still among us! You can use it on your skin (mixed properly with a carrier oil or lotion/cream), or as a diffuser, to cleanse a room, or your seat in public transport. Use it for good, and don’t start stealing fragile people’s belongings, okay? 😉

Note for pregnant women!

Many oils, such as this 4-thieves oil recipe, are NOT suitable for pregnant women. Too strong, or even downright poisonous. Luckily, there are safe alternatives. Check out this list:

Pregnant and safe use of essential oils

What kind of essential oil to use?

A good quality oil. These are not the cheapest, BUT they are so much better. Made of real plants, no chemical fake stuff in them. And one small bottle will last you for a very long time! Essential oils contain the essence of a plant.

There is no need to start your own oil business to get oils of good quality. The oils of these companies are good, but they are more expensive because you buy business rights while getting your oils.

Personally, I can’t be bothered and just want the oil(s) I need, period.
So I get my oils at a local family business of excellent quality: https://degroenelinde.nl/

Check them out, or find a similar business near you. Support local business!

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