How about investing six months of your time to gain total clarity on who you are, what your business is about en how you manifest your dreams in a way that suits you best? Wouldn’t it be amazing to strengthen your intuition and experience more flow and profit in your life and business?

Based on the desires, needs and questions of my clients that booked my Soul Seed Sessions, I developed a brand new programme that delivers it all. No holding back in the explorations and transformations of past, present and future. Complete clarity on what drives you, how you function best, and what steps you need to take to manifest your dreams.

Get deeper insight in who you are and what makes you tick by knowing your Soul Seed Sentence: a portrait in words of you, what drives you and how you function in a way that best serves both you and the world around you.

In this program I offer you all of my wisdom, knowledge of neuroplasticity, psychology, mythology and astrology, Moon rhythms and the workings of the human body, mind and soul. Not only do I give you your Soul Seed Sentence, I also read the tarot for you in a unique Sun & Moon year reading that I personally developed.

I guide you through deep transformational processes, and give you the tools to implement those changes in your daily life and business. From connecting and aligning your body mind and soul with the universe, working with the phases of the Moon and the elements, to practical insights on communication styles and your visibility on social media. From healing your past to shedding light on your future.

What does the programme look like?
During 6 months, we schedule 12 1:1 online meetings of 60 minutes each.
In between our calls you work on your assigned ‘homework’. What this looks like, depends on your personal needs. From my archives filled with tools, exercises, ebooks and worksheets I compose a journey that serves your transformational process best.

Most of my written texts are in English, the meditation audio’s are in English or Dutch. I work online, speak English with my international clients and Dutch with my Dutch clients.

Who is this programme for?
You are an ambitious woman, either working for a company or in your own business. Not afraid of hard work and you know how to survive in a masculine environment. However, something is nagging you for a while now: you feel there is something… off. You are doing oke, most consider you to be succesful. Still you feel something missing.

Maybe it is time to make peace with your feminine energy and explore working with that side in you. By hiding or even cutting off at least half of your potential, you smother your capacity to live. Get out of your head and into your body. Explore what your intution, your creativity and your dreams have to offer! (Spoiler alert: a lot.)

Are you brave enough to start living your fullest potential?
Let’s connect and check out if we are a good match!