How about an overview of what kind of energies will prevail each month/Moon of the coming year? Wouldn’t that help you tremendously both in your personal growth as in your career or business? I provide tarot card Sun & Moon readings.

Your heartbeat, the Moon cycle, the rotation of the Earth around the Sun – these are some of the rhythms that reign your life. I can give you valuable information on how those rhythms will affect you. As an intuitive oracle reader I provide Moon and Sun year readings.

What is tarot?
Tarot is a deck of cards, that speak the imaginative language of symbols and dreams. I as the reader tune in to you(r question) and lay out the cards. Both the placement and content of the cards tell a story that I ‘translate’ for you. This story will give you valuable insights in underlying patterns and keys, possible ways to solve your issues.

I combine the stories that are told by the cards with my insight in the rhythms of celestial and human bodies, and the workings of mind and soul. My tarot sessions teach you much about your personal patterns and how to align them to the bigger picture.

Both my Sun reading and my Moon reading give you an overview of the energetic tendencies of the coming year. You can book them separately of course, but I and many of my clients find most value in the combination of the Sun and Moon reading. By combining the Sun and Moon reading, we cover both your inner realms and your outer affects.

The Sun reading covers your DOING: how you act in the world; how you present yourself and how you and your actions will be perceived. A Sun reading consists of 12 cards, one for each month of the solar year.

The Moon reading covers your BEING: your inner patterns, that what drives you, how your actions make you feel. A Moon reading consists of 13 cards, one for each Moon of the lunar year.

After the reading, you receive a photograph of the layout of the cards.
Several clients told me that they look back at it on a regular basis. Both the outcome of the reading and the new insights that the imagery gives them, expand their awareness of the energies and tendencies, the gifts and challenges that each month or Moon gives.